Health care franchising is on the rise and the statistics prove it. According to FRANdata reports, there were just 13 home-health franchise brands in 2000 which have now become 56 companies with 45 franchise brands operating in 6,000 locations. With a low investment that yields high revenue due to growing demand, owning a home-health care franchise is highly desirable. Should you be selected as a Nurse Next Door Franchise partner, your costs will reflect the numbers below as disclosed in our Franchise Disclosure Document, Item 7:

Item Cost
Initial Franchise Fee $42,000
Technology Startup $8,000
Pre-opening branding and promotion $7,000
Initial Training $2,000-$4,000
Office Equipment & Supplies $500-$3,000
Office Equipment & Supplies $500-$3,000
Legal & Accounting $2,000-$3,000
Rent Up to $5,000
Utility Deposits Up to $500
Local Branding $500-$1,000
Insurance $6,600-$7,900
Vehicle Up to $20,000
Computers and Related Peripherals $500-$3,000
License & Permits $500-$10,000
Additional Branding Collateral Up to $1,000
Additional Funds & 3 Months Working Collateral $65,000
Total $134,000-$180,400

For more information on active ownership, multi-unit passive ownership or our GM model start-up costs, please contact us directly.

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